This category is for companies, organizations, and for small and medium scale businesses.


This category is for sole business owners and service providers (Eg. Shop Owner, Lawyer, Dentist)


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Frequently asked questions

This platform maintains the largest database of job seekers online. According to your job requirement you can select your ideal employee, from 1000s of job seekers. There are many filtering options available to save your time, ( e.g. overall working experience, previous work places, highest educational qualification, age group, skills, notice period, etc.) You can find an employee for any job opening under one roof.

You can recruit unlimited number of employees for any number of job openings. You can recruit for any job level from a clerk to a CEO

Once you view the digital CV ( Profile) of the Job seeker and you are happy to recruit. Steps to follow

  • a. Click the button request for contact information, this will go as an invitation to the job seeker, where the job seeker will be able to view the company/recruiter profile and have the option to accept or decline.

  • b. You can also shortlist the candidate, and request for contact details later.

  • c. You will find a list of the shortlisted candidates and a list of sent requests for contact information, shown in your company/business profile.

  • d. Click the calendar icon to schedule an interview, this could be done by directly contacting the job seeker once the contact details appear.

  • e. This platform provides you the option to maintain a list of interviews scheduled according to the date, and also provides interview reminder notifications 1 day prior via email and Ace Connekt, so that you could be on track of the scheduled interviews.

  • f. An interview reminder notification will be sent to the candidate as well 1 day prior.

  • a. Click Request for contact Information

  • b. You will be notified once the requested has been accepted

  • c. Contact the candidate

  • d. Click the icon “schedule” and select date ,time and location/link and send

  • e. The interview notification will be sent to the candidate via SMS and email